ISMPB Members in good standing are invited to submit an abstract to present at ICAMPAM 2019, to be held June 26th – 28th, at the Maastricht Congress and Exhibition Centre (MECC), Maastricht, The Netherlands. To join or renew your membership, click here.

About the Meeting

ICAMPAM brings together leading researchers and clinicians from around the world for discussion and exchange of the most cutting-edge knowledge, insights, issues and ideas. The conference draws leading scientists and clinicians from all areas of physical behaviour research from over 40 countries worldwide, including human movement scientists, signal analysis experts, health scientists, technologists, neuroscientists, biomechanists, and clinicians and therapists such as neurologists, neurophysiologists, psychiatrists, pediatricians, gerontologists, rehabilitation specialists and physical and occupational therapists.



The three main scientific tracks and related themes (example sub-themes given) are as follows:

Technology and Algorithm Development

  1. Device Development and Validation
    1. Research based devices
    2. Consumer devices
    3. Mobile health technology
  2. Algorithm development
    1. Classification of activity types
    2. Interpretation of continuous metrics
    3. Harmonization of methods
  3. Machine learning and data science approaches
    1. Feature extraction and representations
    2. Classification techniques
    3. Modeling of large and heterogeneous datasets
Measurement & Analysis

  1. Sleep Research
    1. Measurement for interventions
    2. Circadian disruptions and factors
  2. 24-Hour Activity Cycle
    1. Measurement and analysis
  3. Consumer Devices
    1. Reliability and validity
  4. Research Devices
    1. Analytical Approaches
  5. Performance analysis
    1. Common metrics for proper analysis
    2. Comparison to individual behavior monitoring

  1. Clinical Applications
  2. Real-World Applications (site-specific)
    1. Home-based
    2. Worksite
    3. Community
  3. Special Populations
    1. Individuals with disabilities or conditions
    2. Youth (especially, infancy – toddlers)
  4. Use of Consumer Devices in Research
    1. Sleep
    2. Activity
    3. Sedentary behavior
  5. Multimodal Assessment
    1. EMA plus sensors
    2. GPS plus accelerometer
    3. Image integration

Abstract submission now open!

Poster & Symposia Abstracts

Please note there is a charge is $25USD for each submission with a maximum submission of 2 per submitter. At time of submission, you will be asked to provide critical information in support of your abstract submission. This includes: *Names of all authors (Primary and secondary) *You will need to enter your abstract into the text box provided *The abstract should be no longer than 300 words (up to 2000 characters including spaces). *You may also upload 1 figure, image or table using the upload feature.

Individual Abstracts

The ICAMPAM Scientific Committee invites submission of research abstracts for its 2019 annual Conference. Abstract submissions open – October 26, 2018 Abstract submissions close – Friday February 8, 2019