ISMPB Elections 2019-2021



ISMPB invites all members in good standing to consider standing for election to the Board as a general board member. During this year’s Board election, there will be two vacancies to fill; one from expansion and one from member with expiring terms. Board terms are four years in duration, effective at the GMM. Board members are expected to participate in regular board meetings via conference call, face-to-face board meetings during the ICAMPAM conferences and assist with specific duties and portfolios as assigned by the Board Executive.

Members in good standing can self-nominate or be nominated by others. 

All nominations must include a one-page CV from the nominee, and responses to the following questions:

  1. Why do you wish to serve on the ISMPB Board?
  2. What skills and experience do you have that would be valuable to ISMPB in your role as a Board Member?
  3. If nominating others, the application must also include confirmation from the nominee that they accept the nomination. 

Voting will be done electronically and will be open to all members in good standing at the time of voting.

Nominations will close June 2.