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ActiGraph’s mission is to bring life to digital data. Built on 20 years of remote data capture expertise, ActiGraph’s medical-grade wearable technology platform has been used to capture real-world, continuous digital measures for nearly 200 industry-sponsored clinical trials and thousands of academic research studies. Appearing in nearly 20,000 published scientific papers to date, ActiGraph is the most experienced and trusted wearable technology partner in the industry.

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ExpiWell is a trusted leader in experience sampling method (ESM) and ecological momentary assessment (EMA) software. Top researchers have rigorously developed our platform and free mobile apps. ExpiWell is web-accessible, HIPAA, and GDPR-compliant, so you can securely capture daily life experiences through video, voice, location, photos, and scheduled surveys. We support more than 4,000 researchers worldwide to understand experiences in psychology, market research, health behaviors, and emotions over time. We serve practitioners in healthcare and clinical practice as well. Customers LOVE our platform! Don’t just take our word for it; we have received excellent ratings from our users (4.5 out of 5 stars). Join ExpiWell by creating a free account to get started!

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Activinsights is a digital health company that specialises in the objective measurement of physical behaviours and lifestyle. 

Our technologies, based on tri-axial accelerometery, are used worldwide within the clinical trials, health management and research markets to provide accurate and continuous monitoring of lifestyle outside of the clinic environment. We develop novel health measures from data collected by our own professional wearables and other connected devices, such as phone apps, within a scalable, global and secure infrastructure. Advanced data analytics reveal insights, novel digital endpoints and biomarkers that support pharmaceutical drug development, clinical practice, and disease management. 

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ISMPB Virtual Fall Symposium 2023

SENS motion is a validated system for large scale data collection of accelerometer based physical activity measurements. The system has been developed in a close collaboration with leading international physical activity researchers, based on techniques and methods such as the those promoted by the PROPASS consortium.
SENS motion measures the physical activity of participants. Data can be collected on many participants. Research staff can access the participants’ activity profiles and easily setup bulk data analysis and export for statistics at scale.
The MOTUS brand based on the SURPASS collaboration is a good example of how SENS motion enables efficient and structured data collection on thousands of test subjects, while streamlining processes and saving time and resources.

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