Journal for the Measurement of Physical Behaviour

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Volume 1, Issue 3


Valuation of a Popular Consumer Activity Tracker
Patty Freedson

Original Research

A Novel Method to Characterize Walking and Running Energy Expenditure

Utility of Activity Monitors and Thermometry in Assessing Sleep Stages and Sleep Quality
Natashia Swalve, Brianna Harfmann, John MitrzykAlexander H. K. Montoye

Heart Rate Equivalency of the Fitbit Charge HR During Continuous Aerobic Exercise
Joseph M. StockRyan T. PohligMatthew J. Botieri, David G. Edwards, Gregory M. Dominick

Methods for Activity Monitor Validation Studies: An Example With the Fitbit Charge
Kathryn J. DeShaw, Laura Ellingson, Yang Bai, Jeni Lansing, Maria Perez, Greg Welk

Use of Objective Measures to Estimate Sedentary Time in Youth
Scott E. Crouter, Paul R. Hibbing, Samuel R. LaMunion

Unique Views on Obesity-Related Behaviors and Environments: Research Using Still and Video Images
Jordan A. Carlson, J. Aaron Hipp, Jacqueline Kerr, Todd S. HorowitzDavid Berrigan



The Journal for the Measurement of Physical Behaviour is the official Journal of the International Society for the Measurement of Physical Behaviour and publishes high quality research papers that employ and/or apply sensor-based measures of physical activity, movement disorders, sedentary behaviour and sleep.

  • Research from multiple disciplines: kinesiology, psychology, computer science, engineering, statistics, public health, and clinical sciences

Types of papers

  • Experimental studies
  • Reviews, cross-sectional and longitudinal (cohort) studies
  • Brief reports
  • Technical notes
  • Evidence based best practices

About the Journal

  • Publisher: Human Kinetics
  • On-line journal (hard copies available upon request for extra charge
  • Part of membership dues ($30 per year)
  • 4 issues per year
  • Open access publishing possible (fees range from $2000 – $2950)
  • No page charges
  • Web portal is open here:

Topics (Examples)

  • Novel methods for sensor calibration and validation
  • New sensor technology
  • Analytic advances in measurement and interpretation
  • New sensor-based outcomes for clinical sciences
  • Applications of wearable monitors for assessing exposure and outcomes
  • Evidence based papers leading to best practices for use of wearable sensors in research and clinical settings

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Editorial Leadership

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Patty Freedson
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