Journal for the Measurement of Physical Behaviour

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Volume 5, Issue 3



The Use of Accelerometers in Young Children: A Methodological Scoping Review

Becky Breau, Hannah J. Coyle-Asbil, and Lori Ann Vallis


A Physical Behaviour Partnership From Heaven: The Prospective Physical Activity, Sitting, and Sleep Consortium and the International Society for the Measurement of Physical Behaviour

Emmanuel Stamatakis, Bronwyn K. Clark, Matthew N. Ahmadi, Joanna M. Blodgett, Malcolm H. Granat, Alan Donnelly, Andrew J. Atkin, Li-Tang Tsai, Gregore I. Mielke, Richard M. Pulsford, Nidhi Gupta, Patrick Crawley, Matthew Stevens, Peter Johansson, Laura Brocklebank, Lauren B. Sherar, Vegar Rangul, Andreas Holtermann, Mark Hamer, and Annemarie Koster


Original Research

Simulation-Based Evaluation of Methods for Handling Nonwear Time in Accelerometer Studies of Physical Activity

Kristopher I. Kapphahn, Jorge A. Banda, K. Farish Haydel, Thomas N. Robinson, and Manisha Desai

Calibration of an Accelerometer Activity Index Among Older Women and Its Association With Cardiometabolic Risk Factors

Guangxing Wang, Sixuan Wu, Kelly R. Evenson, Ilsuk Kang, Michael J. LaMonte, John Bellettiere, I-Min Lee, Annie Green Howard, Andrea Z. LaCroix, and Chongzhi Di

Tracking of Walking and Running for Exercise: Alignment Between Ecological Momentary Assessment and Accelerometer-Based Estimates

Kelley Strohacker, Lindsay P. Toth, Lucas F. Sheridan, and Scott E. Crouter

Depressive Symptoms Are Associated With Accelerometer-Measured Physical Activity and Time in Bed Among Working-Aged Men and Women

Pauliina Husu, Kari Tokola, Henri Vähä-Ypyä, Harri Sievänen, and Tommi Vasankari

Effectiveness of Fitbit Activity Prompts in Reducing Sitting Time and Increasing Physical Activity in University Employees: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Benjamin D. Boudreaux, Julie A. Schenck, Zhixuan Chu, and Michael D. Schmidt


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The Journal for the Measurement of Physical Behaviour is the official Journal of the International Society for the Measurement of Physical Behaviour and publishes high quality research papers that employ and/or apply sensor-based measures of physical activity, movement disorders, sedentary behaviour and sleep.

  • Research from multiple disciplines: kinesiology, psychology, computer science, engineering, statistics, public health, and clinical sciences

Types of papers

  • Experimental studies
  • Reviews, cross-sectional and longitudinal (cohort) studies
  • Brief reports
  • Technical notes
  • Evidence based best practices

About the Journal

  • Publisher: Human Kinetics
  • On-line journal (hard copies available upon request for extra charge
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Topics (Examples)

  • Novel methods for sensor calibration and validation
  • New sensor technology
  • Analytic advances in measurement and interpretation
  • New sensor-based outcomes for clinical sciences
  • Applications of wearable monitors for assessing exposure and outcomes
  • Evidence based papers leading to best practices for use of wearable sensors in research and clinical settings

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Editorial Leadership

Editor in Chief

Philippa Dall, Glasgow Caledonian University, UK

Editor in Chief emerita

Patty Freedson (Founding editor: 2018-2020)

University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA

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Soren Brage, University of Cambridge, UK

Lisa Cadmus-Bertram, University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA

Dinesh John, Northeaster University, USA

Minsoo Kang, The University of Mississippi, USA

Joanne McVeigh, Curtin University, Australia

Alex Rowlands, University of Leicester, UK

Pedro Saint-Maurice, National Cancer Institute, USA

John Sirard, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA

Ben Stansfield, Glasgow Caledonian University, UK

Tom Stewart, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

Editorial Board

David Basset, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA

Matt Buman, Arizona State University, USA

Scott Crouter, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA

Alan Donnelly, University of Limerick, Ireland

Malcolm Granat, Salford University, UK

Jorunn Helbostad, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Sarah Keadle, California Ploytechnic State University, USA

Kate Lyden, KAL Research/Consulting, USA

Ann Swartz, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA

Rick Troiano, National Cancer Institute, USA

Greg Welk, Iowa State University, USA