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To focus on continuing to connect our community, ISMPB will be supporting various webinars throughout the year.  These webinars have been created to offer insight to our community.  If you have any suggestions for webinars that me of interest, please contact us.

Past Webinars

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NHANES 2011-2014 Physical Activity Monitor data – now FREE!

Richard P. Troiano, Ph.D.
CAPT, U.S. Public Health Service
NIH Program Director, Risk Factor Assessment Branch of the Epidemiology and Genomics Research Program in NCI’s Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences (DCCPS)

Dr. Troiano worked with the NHANES to implement the use of devices in the survey to obtain objective measures of participants’ physical activity-related movement and sleep, as well as body strength.  His presentation will be dedicated to the release of the activity monitor data for 2011-2014.

Originally Presented on January 28, 2021 

Mutual understanding of physical behaviors across scientific disciplines

Andreas Holtermann, National Research Center for the Working Environment Copenhagan
Ulf Ekelund, Norwegian School of Sport Science
Svend Erik Mathiassen, University of Gavle
Bente Klarlund Pedersen, University of Copenhagen
Örjan Ekblom, The Swedish School of Sport and Sciences
Jorunn Helbostad, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Originally presented October 8th, 2020 

The objective of this session is to facilitate a mutual understanding of physical behaviors (physical activity, sedentary behavior, sleep) across scientific disciplines and promote collaboration on integrated research. Presentations will cover the basic view and the ‘key elements’ of physical behaviors from a panel of experts in public and occupational health, physical activity and  sports medicine, exercise science and clinical and rehabilitation science.

Assessing Physical Activity for Beginners – in the view of different perspectives

Facilitator: Associate professor Örjan Ekblom, The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences

Originally presented October 16th, 2020

The objective of this session is to introduce device-based assessment of physical activity pattern and provide details for a first data collection. The presentation will cover rationale and perspective of using accelerometry for your studies as well as a crash course on how the data looks like and traditional analysis.

Compositional data analysis (CoDA): The whys, the hows and future applications of CoDA in physical behavior research

Facilitator and speakers

Nidhi Gupta, National Research Center for the Working Environment Copenhagen
Charlotte Lund Rasmussen, National Research Center for the Working Environment Copenhagen
Svend Erik Mathiassen, Department of Occupational Health Sciences and Psychology, University of Gavle
Sebastien Chastin, Glasgow Caledonian University

Originally Presented October 26th, 2020 

The objective of this session is to introduce participants to the basic steps of CoDA, and how to use CoDA in their own research. A panel of experts will guide you through the rationale, basics and examples of CoDA. Challenges and potential for future applications will be discussed.