Rennes, France

Mat ar jeu? Join us at ICAMPAM 2024 in the historic city of Rennes, the capital of Brittany in northwest France.  Be prepared for Rennes to surprise you, a city shaped by centuries of history.   Discover a charming and vibrant Rennes with cobbled streets, half-timbered houses and a vibrant cultural scene. Rennes has a lively student life, with 65,000 students, three campuses and fifty higher education institutions – rated 5th best student city in 2016 by L’Étudiant magazine. The city is full of fantastic eateries to tempt fans of fine-dining, bistros, brasseries, street food and market-stall fare where you can sample local specialties like sausage galettes, fresh seafood, traditional crêpes or Breton pastries perhaps washed down with a glass of cider, Fine de Bretagne, Chouchen or local craft beers… Yec’hed mat!  Learn more about Rennes.

Rennes is also the gateway for discovering the iconic land of Brittany, so do not miss this opportunity to arrive early or stay on to explore the variety of unique holiday offerings in this special region. Discover Brittany.

ICAMPAM 2024 will take place on the Beaulieu Campus at  Rennes University.

Visit Campus Website

Parking is free in campus parking lots.
Please note that there is no security presence on these lots overnight.

While in Rennes there’s always something to do and enjoy:

Star Bike Rentals

Bikes are available throughout the city

  • Many options available: self-service bike, mountain bike, electrically assisted bicycles, and electric scooters
  • Helmut and safety vest loans available for any rental plus additional accessories to rent
  • Download the apps:

Rennes Music Festival

Friday, June 21 – Rennes Music Festival – Fête de la musique rennes 2024

The Saturday Market

The Saturday market – Le Marché des Lices

  • Learn about the 2nd largest market in France with nearly 250 producers, artisans, and traders
  • From 0730-1330 every Saturday for the last 400 years!
  • Don’t miss the famous Galette Saucisse! Buckwheat pancake + pork sausage = tradition

Sunday in Rennes


Getting to Rennes

By train

Website for train reservation:

NOTE: Pay close attention to the different ticket options and the fact that most tickets are paperless. There are multiple trains going to Rennes from Charles de Gaulle Airport with various schedules, prices, and number of stops. Click here to learn more about the options

From Roissy-Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport

3 direct trains each day

  • 2h 30m duration (TGV) direct ride
  • Approximately 50 € (if booked 3 months in advance)
From Montparnasse Station

Many direct trains each day

  • Approximately 20-60 €
  • 1h 30m duration (TGV) (after 1hr transfer from airport to Montparnasse Station)

By plane

Direct flights from Paris and other international hub in Europe:

In Rennes

While in Rennes, transfer from city centre to Rennes campus:

5 minute metro + 12 minute walk

15 minute bus + 3 minute walk

Ride share apps
Uber operates in Rennes. Lyft does not.


Public transport in Rennes is managed by the STAR company:

Local Info

Temperatures in mid-late June range from 54-73°F (12-22°C) with monthly rainfall of 1.8” (45mm). Layers will be your best friend and we recommend bringing a light jacket or umbrella in case of light showers. Click here for weather info.

The euro (EUR) is the official currency of France and the symbol is: €

Euro bills: €5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €200, and €500
Euro coins: 1 cent, 2 cent, 5 cent, 10 cent, 20 cent, 50 cent, €1 and €2.

Many shops and restaurants welcome banking and credit cards, though it is always useful to have some cash and coins with you.

The most commonly used language is French. Google-Translate or a French-phrase book would be a good idea.

The standard rate of the VAT (value added tax, known in France as TVA) is 20%. A lower rate applies to restaurant food, pharmacy goods, books, but can be as high as 33% for certain luxury items. On accommodation, there’s a nominal city taxe de séjour ranging between €0.83 and €4.40 per person, per night, based on the hotel’s star rating. Sometimes this tax is included in the room price, sometimes not.

According to French law, restaurant prices must include tax and tip (service compris or prix nets), but pocket change left on the table in cafes, or an additional 5% in better restaurants is always appreciated.

Bellhops and porters assisting with bags, tip €1-2 per bag.

Doormen for valet service or helping with taxis, leave a €1 tip.

Taxis drivers are often tipped 5% or rounded up to the nearest euro and if assisting with luggage, it is customary to tip €1-2 per bag.

Current time zone for Rennes, France is CEST, whose offset is GMT+2.

Medical service (SAMU): 15
Police (Police Nationale or Gendarmerie Nationale): 17
Fire service (sapeurs-pompiers): 18

The French emergency services are also available by calling the Europe-wide emergency number (112)

Electricity in France runs on a 220-volt, 50-hertz AC current rather than the 110-volt, 60-hertz AC current used in the United States and Canada. France also uses a Type E plug (round pin and receptacle with male grounding pin) versus the Type A/B plug (flat blade/with round grounding pin) in North America. If you bring electrical appliances (phone chargers, razors, hair dryers, laptops, etc.), you will need a plug adapter.

Smoking is not allowed in restaurants, bars, and cafés but many places offer covered terraces for smokers.

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